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Herbal Products for the 21st Century

Empowering People  |  Producing Fine Products!

Herbal tea blends, herbal salves, soap, elderberry products, and more.

Urban Vine was born out of the desire to create all natural herbal teas, soaps, salves and extracts, while providing meaningful work for people in all walks of life.

Learn About Promise Land Farm.
Urban Vine’s vision is that through teaching and hands-on experience at Promise Land Farm and Production Facility, our friends with all different abilities will gain a working knowledge of herbs and utilize that knowledge to make products that they would not only be proud to sell, but that they would be able to use and enjoy themselves.

“Amy and her team make exceptional products. I especially love her herbal teas and her soaps, but Urban Vine has so much more to offer! I can’t believe how lucky I was to find the Urban Vine product line!”
Linda M.
Livonia, MI

Amy Vine

Urban Vine LLC is an all natural product company that believes in equipping our community with the tools and the knowledge we need to live healthier lives. We open our doors TWICE a week to our friends with special needs.

Our Products

Organic & Handcrafted In Small Batches

Promise Land Farm

Find YOUR Promise Here

We believe that God has a plan and a promise for all of us, but sometimes life beats us up and leaves us worn and disillusioned. Promise Land Farm welcomes the disenfranchised and broken hearted. Through real farm work and relationship building, we offer people the skills and opportunities that they need to find the path and PROMISE they were meant to follow. We are striving daily to make our farm barrier free to host our friends with the most significant mobility, and emotional requirements. Promise Land Farm is intended to be a safe space for our friends who find themselves with no support system. Our goal is to build relationships with people who have lost hope for a purpose filled life.

Baskets Of Bounty

Community Outreach

We are excited to introduce our Baskets of Bounty initiative. Promise Land Farm/Urban Vine will be reaching out to 20 high-needs group homes in Genessee and Oakland County. This bi-weekly program, sponsored by business owners in the surrounding areas provides a connection into the lives of men and women who have been isolated from their family and friends due to emotional struggles. My team and I have seen miracles happen when we prepare and share meals with our friends who work with Urban Vine.