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Our Products

Our Products

Organic & Handcrafted In Small Batches

Orders are checked daily and are typically ready for shipment or local pickup in 1-3 business days.
PLEASE NOTE: You will be able to pay via credit card if you do not have a PayPal account.

Meet Our Makers

Eric Our Pickle Maker

Eric is pictured here with his mom Laurel at Clarkston United Methodist Church cooking for Urban Vine’s Mother’s Day Brunch.  Eric is no stranger to the kitchen and has been a prep chef for a very long time.  When asked about his amazing pickle recipe, he told us the following:

“The original recipe was my grandmother’s on my mom’s side of the family ,they were originally one day pickles. When I moved to my 2nd apartment, that’s when I started adding all the spices, and “what not”, to transform it into the current recipe that we know today. I am very proud of this recipe. I have made it for many years and after lots of changes, I have come up with the current recipe and am pleased with it.”

Eric and mom Laurel
Becky, Our Soap Maker
This is Becky, pictured with her husband Anthony. She enjoys reading, gardening, and loves a good DIY project. She’s been an Urban Vine employee since 2019. In 2020, she began formulating her own soaps in order to avoid the mystery ingredients in commercial soaps that irritated her husband’s skin. Becky prefers taking a simple approach to many areas of life, and finds a lot of confidence in knowing what is in the products and foods she and her family consumes. Becky finds working for a small business very rewarding and inspiring. She treasures Amy as a friend and has been amazed watching Urban Vine grow and evolve over the years, while being able to be an active voice in the process. Becky finds it incredibly fulfilling to be a part of a small, local business, and has found her time at Urban Vine a blessing compared to other jobs she’s held in the past.
Becky, our new soap maker