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Our Farm

Who We Are ~ Promise Land Farm

My name is Amy Vine. I am a student of herbalism and for 18 years I have lived on Wildflower Way in Davisburg, MI next door to my sister Holly and her family. We were all raised in Clarkston, MI on quite a few acres of land with a large horse barn in our backyard.  My parents were adoptive and foster parents because my dad believed in seeking out and providing for people who needed the most care. He provided us with a life full of experiences. Our dad was a Vietnam Veteran who became an entrepreneur so that he could make the money he needed to do the things in life he loved and our mom gave us a strong foundation in love for God and family. My parents “Promised Land”  provided space for snowmobiles, animals, 4 wheelers, a swimming pond and a sledding hill. Of course, there were animals of all kinds. When someone asked him once, Jerry, Alpacas, really, why? He said, well, why not? That was my dad. He knew who he was and was willing to work hard to make his dreams a reality.

Where We Came From & Where We Are Going

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A Ceiling Becomes a Foundation

My dad was a Vietnam veteran and passed away in 2017 at the age of 69 from agent orange exposure. We were all devastated and our lives were turned upside down. I was not able to set foot in his barn until January 1st, 2020. Armed with a fresh vision I was ready to honor our father and breathe life back into the barn. In 1985, my parents named their property the Promised Land because they knew God had called them there and wanted to use their space to bring healing and hope to people of all ages and abilities, in all walks and seasons of life. They adopted 2 children with special needs. They had countless people stay with us who were going through divorce, recovering from addiction, and/or needed work. We have housed foster children, and the disenfranchised. Their dream was big and they worked together to make it a reality.

In 2020, together with the support of my mom, my husband, my sisters and our children, we picked up the baton and are finishing this race that my dad started by building Promise Land Farm. We believe that God has a plan and a promise for all of us but sometimes life beats us up and leaves us worn and disillusioned. Promise Land Farm welcomes the disenfranchised and broken hearted. Through real farm work and relationship building, we give people the skills and opportunities that they need to find the path and PROMISE they were meant to fulfill.

Before and After Promise Land Pictures

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a working farm that includes a restoration agriculture model, including, but not limited to, an orchard, sheep, bees, chickens, and a hoop house for herbs that will be used in our Urban Vine products ( Promise Land Farm will be used as a place of education and experience for our employees with special needs at Urban Vine and people who have lost hope in their life’s promise.

Since January 2020 Urban Vine has hosted over 2,000 people at Promise Land Farm. These groups have included Herbal Education field trips and accessible events for our friends with high needs, and occupations for the residents of high needs group homes. Many of the residents of these homes have been isolated from friends and family because of emotional and behavioral complexities.