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Baskets Of Bounty

Baskets Of Bounty - Community Outreach

We are excited to introduce our Baskets of Bounty initiative. Promise Land Farm/Urban Vine will be reaching out to 20 high-needs group homes in Genessee and Oakland County. This bi-weekly program, sponsored by business owners in the surrounding areas will provide a connection into the lives of men and women who have been isolated from their family and friends due to emotional and behavioral struggles. My team and I have seen miracles happen when we prepare and share meals with our friends who work with Urban Vine, and that is the mission of Baskets of Bounty, to see miracles happen through the power of relationship building, and farm fresh food.

A testimony to the power of relationship building are the several men that Urban Vine employs. These men have become not only employees, but also family (My husband and I are guardians for 2 of these men). Many of “our guys”, live with great anxiety, depression and behavior that decreases their potential for employment. My husband Sean and I have spent the past 10 years developing relationships by sharing meals, and holidays, and providing for many of their material needs on a weekly basis, and now, building on that foundation, we are able to offer them an opportunity for gainful employment at Urban Vine’s kitchen, and at Promise Land Farm. Here they are growing herbs and vegetables to be shared in our Baskets of Bounty with others like themselves who have little to no relationships with others outside of their caregivers in their group homes.

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